Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Posted by Picasai dont know why suddenly i want to write 
bout both of u..
all I can is, both of u totally FUCKIN DAMN CUTE 2GTHER..
haha. ade unsur jealous disitu ye..nope la dear..
i ni secret admire both of u tawuk .. I wish i could have a wonderful time like both of u ..
to mimie ~ u're friendly + adorable .. wht i like most bout u?
i really love how u're so LOYAL listening to my fucking love story. haha.
thanx mimie. really appreciate that.
to br0ther Bond ~ u're s0 c0ol..nk autograf ley? weeeeee..
thanx for all the m0ral support + advise all this while..
u give me courage + strength n confidence.. 
did u'all remember our 1st time we hang out together? genting rite..
I will always keep tht mem0ry deep into my heart..
Love both u .. i wish both of u the very best of luck + happiness in ur life..

sekian, terima kasih..    daaaaa

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