Friday, August 5, 2011

I wish

Nothing to do tonight. So I browse few videos in Youtube. A lots of things. Actually I'd so much bored to watched music video, all the latest music video I already done I guess. Suddenly someone highlighted to me this video. For the first time I watched, tears running down from my eyes. I can't believe my eyes. I fucking damn hate history subject since my school time but this video really unbelievable. I wondering why I never knew about this chapter of our country history from our textbook. 

I done with this video for two times. My heart whispered '' I wish I could be just like her''. I wish I could have one big heart who can take on everybody. I wish I could find my strength to face this life just like you. You such an extraordinary person that I ever knew. Received hard slap, hard punches to her face, huge blow to her spine, canes savagely at every denial by her, hot iron bar applied to her leg, her nails was tugged by a pliers, and so much more pain. After all this suffered moments, you still stick with your stands.

You such a great history that I ever read. Rest in peace Sybil Khatigasu..

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